Product Review: BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed for the Hounds #ad


Super cute box the bed came in! We reviewed this bed and loved IT. More below for the bed features.  #ad

I’m not doing a holiday gift guide this year but I loved this gift and wanted to give it a shout as the price is pretty incredible and a great last minute gift!

Top 5 Reasons We Need A Lot Of Dog Beds

1. With three dogs they ALL argue over who gets to sit in which bed and no one thinks the floor is acceptable

2. I live with two seniors and they have achy joints and need something soft to lay on

3. I use the beds for training purposes – the request is “go to your bed” and this way they can have bones on their own bed rather than having to share space with siblings

4. I have beds in the office and in the family room AND in the bathroom! Everywhere my dogs are we need beds

5. Sometimes I use a small dog bed in a crate to make riding in the car more comfortable during long road trips!

BarkBox Thick Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Enhanced Dog Bed Review


My review! My old dogs have achy joints and the beds I buy always have memory foam for their old bodies. #ad

If you (meaning you the human!) sit on these beds, you’ll see the difference yourself. It’s really obvious when you even place your hand on the bed.

All three of my dogs are allowed on the couch and bed – Bruiser even has his own chair in the bedroom and in the family room but most of the time I’m working they always prefer the floor and I have beds literally everywhere as you read above.

BarkBox now sells beds! YES!

They are part of Amazon’s Deal of the Day, coming up on Saturday, December 15 – 30 percent off their lowest prices on Amazon: $35.99 (S), $41.99 (M), and $45.99 (L). It only lasts 24 hours.

Here are some of the features we love: the memory foam that bounces back is awesome for old Bruiser and Sherm. My dogs are gross and it’s waterproof so when they plop on the bed after a very wet potty break, it’s fine. It helps relieve body aches, joint pain, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. 

So take advantage of this deal as a last minute holiday gift for your best friend. The dog bed is really high quality and the price is really good!

Disclaimer: We received the bed as part of their blogger program in exchange for an honest review.  I only share information about products that I believe in and already fit into our doggie lifestyle and routine. 



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  1. Monika & Sam says:

    Our multi-dog family looks more like a mattress store for all the dog beds scattered throughout. the house. ‘Pawesome’ review; will have to check out The Essential Bed for my senior pooch.

    • Thank you! SAME – it’s literally like a mattress and blanket store over here – I love that it’s not just US! Thank you for your kind words – it’s cheap and the memory foam is GREAT for old Brui.

  2. Jan K says:

    This bed sounds great! Unfortunately we’re pretty overloaded with beds these days, especially since Luke pretty much prefers the human furniture. LOL